Share yourKnowledge

FAST-TRAIN provides the authoring tool EVOLUTION³ with an new interface that allows anyone to document their knowledge and publish it as e-learning.

Ingeniously simple creation of e-learning content for subject matter experts, instructors or for anyone interested in user-generated e-learning content. The benefits and features of the editor FAST-TRAIN editor combined with strategic depolyment scenarios make it one of the best authoring tools for easy and fast creation of learning media.

Efficient Creation ofLearning Media

Unified course preparation, intuitive working, multiple course publication.
FAST-TRAIN offers a variety of templates, editors and output formats.

Uniform course creation

Many creative interaction types and prepared templates ensure fast production.
You can change layouts simply by pressing a button.


Our smart PowerPoint import also handles animations and text fields for editing.

Intuitive working

The ingeniously easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) of FAST-TRAIN is designed to provide a visual interface that is similar to other well-known Office applications. This instantly creates a familiar feeling among users and reduces training overheads.

Knowledge Management

With FAST-TRAIN your employees can create and edit content that can be published immediately. In this way, you can document the passive knowledge of your experts so that this knowledge is actively available to the entire organisation.

You can simply publish courses for use in whatever format you choose. Whether learning management system, web server, file sharing or as an interactive eBook for download by your audience groups.

Easily distribute e-learning courses with or without a LMS

Select which pages you wish to include for a particular audience and
Share the individual courses using QR Codes or email invitationsladung.

Smart Single Source Publishing

An LMS is not required! Share your content and courses directly with FAST-TRAIN:
Export your learning content in your desired format:

  • dynamic eBook
  • Android App
  • PPT
  • PDF
  • Mobile devices
  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs

Interactive learning sequences

Automatically run interactive learning sequences, different types of exercises, easy integration of media –
smart creation with FAST-TRAIN

Automatically run sequences

The presentation editor gives you the ability to determine how and when individual elements are made visible within your presentation. In this way, you can introduce an interesting content into a topic and vividly illustrate the learning material.

Exercise types

In FAST-TRAIN choose from a variety of different exercise types, such as single choice, multiple choice, drag & drop, or gap exercises.

Easy integration of media

Use the internal media library to insert your multimedia files, such as audio, video or image material, into your tutorial.

Work in a team

FAST-TRAIN is a browser-based authoring tool, ideal for use with a decentralized or international team
for effective teamwork and coordination of ongoing projects.

World Wide Production Platform

How does cooperation begin for you?

Working online means that all parties can communicate with each other at any time. With the browser-based authoring tool FAST-TRAIN you are free in the choice of your workplace. You only need …

… a computer …

… an Internet connection …

… and of course FAST-TRAIN

Coordinate your current projects

You can view, reply, and delegate messages and tasks. Do you work with service providers? Watch live as your project evolves.

Smart Collaboration

How does collaboration in FAST-TRAIN function? Here’s an example:

Several authors work simultaneously on different chapters of one course. If an author believes that his work is finished, he sends a message to the user responsible for the content – the Subject Matter Expert – via the internal communication system.

The SME checks the content. If everything is correct, the project manager receives a message stating that this part of the learning unit has been finished.

The project manager is informed about the progress of the progress and notes that 25% of the course has been completed.

The SME locks the finished chapter – now no one can change the accepted contents. The author can now assist his colleagues in completing the other chapters.

Messages and tasks – all of which helps you to organise and control the production of units of learning content.

Smart enough for you?

International use

Smarter international use through language nodes, easy translation handling
and support for many language variants.

Smart Language ManagementMultilingual - efficient and cost-saving down to the last detail:

  • UTF8 support
  • Language nodes Create all languages ​​in a single project (ie no separate copies per language)
  • Easy language translation by XLIFF export / import and UTF8 support
  • Automatic synchronisation of content across language versions
  • Subsequent revision of all languages ​​simple, central and inexpensive